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Speech Writing & Speech Coaching

Our professional writers will create the perfect speech for you! We offer a range of confidential speech writing services and just email us if you can't find the speech you are looking for. For those of you who feel anxious about standing up in front of an audience, then our speech coaching service is just right for you.

father of the bride

Father Of The Bride

As a proud father, you'll share happy memories in a sincere and heartfelt speech that will include all the sentiment and feelings that you want to convey

maid of honour speech

Maid Of Honour

Prepare your Maid of Honour or Bridesmaid speech today. With the duties that come with helping the bride on her big day, don't delay writing your speech


Best Man Speech

You will be the best man with the best speech and the best stories to tell that will leave the groom feeling happy and relieved knowing he's made the right choice

Business Speech Writing Service

Business Speech

Important client contract to win? Don't get stressed-out. We'll construct a PowerPoint presentation for you that will enable you to deliver your message with impact!


Event Speeches

Special anniversary or birthday coming up but maybe you don't know how to express yourself? Let us do the work! We'll write a unique speech for you to deliver

home page groom giving speech

Groom Speech

Are you feeling really nervous about writing your Grooms wedding speech? Don't worry, we'll write it for you with a professional touch (and no-one will know!)

speech coaching

Speech Coaching

Our speech coaching service will help you to overcome your nerves if you're not fully confident to stand up in public. Learn strategies to engage your audience

bride speech hp

Bride's Speech

This is your moment to stand up behind the microphone by breaking with tradition and sharing all those special hopes and dreams that are now coming true

Your Next Step

Our wedding speech writing is a customised service, so don't waste any time to contact us now!

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