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Here are some questions that are asked most frequently by our customers.

You can purchase speeches from their relevant pages. For example, if you need a father of the bride speech, then you can purchase the speech from the father of the bride speech page.

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Speeches are usually completed within 72 hours after receiving your completed questionnaire, but please contact us if you have any strict deadlines.

Yes. You can request an unlimited amount of changes to your speech. We will amend your speech until you are fully satisfied with it.

We will speak on the phone and discuss a few details about your wedding e.g. the date, your fiance, your family. Following which, we will send you an email with a questionnaire to complete so that we can have a greater understanding of you, your family background and what you would like to say in your speech.

Yes, we can write speeches for best men, grooms, brides and father of the bride. In fact, anyone who would like to deliver a wedding speech. Please visit our services page for a full list of speeches we can write for you.

Absolutely. Another pair of eyes is always useful and if you want to add some poetry or a quote or two - we can also do that for you!

You are not alone! It is daunting for most people to stand up in public and speak to an audience. However, The Wedding Speech Expert is here to help you overcome your nerves!

Of course this is possible and some families like to link their speeches together while others like to go it alone.

Two 1-hourly sessions should be enough but this can always be extended if need be.

All fees are payable in advance of writing your speech and can be paid directly into our bank account or PayPal.

Please call 44 (0) 20 8954 1593 to pay directly into our bank account 

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