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Wedding coming up in two week’s time and having to write a wedding speech on this important day? Well, maybe you are starting to have sleepless nights lying in bed thinking about what you should say in your speech? What should you include? What should leave out? What is the usual protocol?

You look on the internet to see if you can find any inspiration there but all the research leaves you feeling even more confused than ever. You don’t want a ‘pre-packed’ speech, you want to deliver a speech that sounds like you and is exactly right for the occasion.

Having to write a wedding speech may leave you feeling stressed-out but with my help, you can be completely confident and composed. You don’t want to let your friends or family down when all eyes are upon you and you want everyone to be proud of what you are saying. This will be your moment and you want your speech to be remembered for all the right reasons!


The wedding has arrived. You have all sat down and everyone is chatting around the table. Then the MC comes over to you and hands you the microphone. You look at him. He looks at you. The room goes quiet. Everyone looks expectantly at you. You know how much is resting on this 8 minutes of your life.

All eyes bear down on you. Family, friends, clients.

The room is silent and you could hear a pin drop. This is your moment to prove to everyone that you don’t need alcohol to give your speech.

You stand tall and look around the room full of faces waiting for you to say something.

You clear your throat. Take a deep breath and hold your cue cards in your hand. You know your speech but they are there – just in case.

You start and you soon get into your stride. You even get to the point where you are enjoying yourself. You make the right pauses. You look at the right people. You say what you want to say. You haven’t left anyone out. You tell a joke which gets thunderous applause. Everyone sits back in amazement – they are gob smacked. You know that people were wondering how you were going to do this without a glass in your hand!

You've done it. People are on their feet – they are clapping and cheering. It is over. You breathe a sigh of relief and sit down.

This Special Moment Could be Yours

As an author and speech writer, I know writing isn't easy – particularly a wedding speech. Even when you set time aside, you end up looking at a blank computer screen and wondering how to start. What should you include in your speech? Should you attempt to be funny? What is the usual protocol? Is it OK to use cue cards? You’re not used to using a microphone… Help!

Hear Carole on the BBC

Listen to Carole Spiers, The Wedding Speech Expert being interviewed on BBC Radio Gloucestershire by the broadcaster, Anna King giving you tips on how to stand up in front of a room full of people and feel relaxed and in control.

You'll hear how to deliver a wedding speech that will be remembered for all of the right reasons and where you'll be left feeling proud and happy.

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Carole Spiers also known as the wedding speech expert is a popular speechwriter and author of 3 best-selling books. 

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