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Professional Writer and Speaking Coach, Carole Spiers, Will Help You Write and Rehearse Your Wedding Speech with No Stress!

I thought I had it all under control – after all I only had to write a wedding speech - and then it happened. Unexpectedly, I started to panic just two weeks before my wedding. Sleepless nights. Blank computer screen. The words wouldn't come. What to do? I only had two weeks before the wedding.

Sound familiar? Don't worry, you’re not alone!

Need to Write a Wedding Speech?

Butterflies in your stomach? It’s not unusual. Having to write a wedding speech may leave you feeling stressed-out but with my help you can be confident and composed. You really don't want to let your friends or family down when all eyes are upon you – particularly those of your new bride. Speaking on one of the most important days of your life, you want your wedding speech to be remembered for all the right reasons.

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Don't Know Where to Start!

Relax! I know just how to write your perfect wedding speech.

As an author and speech-writer, I know writing isn’t easy – particularly a wedding speech. Even when you set time aside to sit in front of your computer, you end up looking at a blank screen and wondering how to start. What should you include in your speech? Should you attempt to be funny? What is the usual protocol? Is it OK to use cue cards? You’re not used to using a microphone… Help!

Next, I Help You Rehearse your Wedding Speech to Perfection

What you need is to be relaxed ahead of delivering your speech and able to speak with composure and confidence. I will show you how to go from being scared, anxious and nervous - to calm, confident and in control. I can hear you breathe a sigh of relief already!

Imagine this. The special day arrives. The planning has taken months or even years and the memories are there to last a lifetime.

Wedding Speech 2Everyone is looking at you. There is total silence. The video camera is rolling. Whether you’re the groom, bride, best-man, maid-of-honour or parents of the bride or groom – this is your moment.

You’re nervous but you’ve been coached to be composed and deal with your nerves. Looking confidently around the room, your nerves quickly disappear. You’re relaxed and loving every moment of it.

You finish to rapturous applause – it’s over – you did it!

Carole Spiers

Your Next Step

Don’t waste time. Call me for an initial, FREE 15 minute consultation so we can look at how you can deliver a wedding speech that will be remembered for all the right reasons - long after the special day is over.

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